If I Was God: Disasters

We see it and hear it again:  another disaster with loss of many lives. A real tragedy.  Natural sadness and grief. But, predictable as ever, super-natural faith appears to tell us what God was up to in this terrible event. We hear it again and again. . .miracle of miracles. . .some are saved! It […]

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Santa Fraud

This season has been beautiful in many ways, especially with the rains, the green and a bright sunny walk by the ocean on my Christmas Birthday. The darker side was shown by scammers and frauds.  An elderly person I work with was “taken” by a phone scam and lost hundreds of dollars.  A professional woman […]

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Solstice Scenes

Some of my favorite images of Winter Life from my Photography collection.  Feel free to share some of your images that celebrate the Solstice, Nature’s Holiday. All Photos copyright Chris Highland

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Cub Scout’s Honor!

It’s only been, oh, let’s say, 50 years, since I wore this Cub Scout kerchief.  I still take it with me on hikes to wipe the. . .well, you can guess.  Now and then someone on the trail will recognize it.  “Hey, isn’t that from the Scouts”? For some reason I never went on to […]

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Progress in the Religion of Church

I’m always pleased when Religion, specifically the Church Religion, takes a step forward, makes progress. . .moves, at all.  Honestly, though, it’s not so pleasing. . .I find it both humorous and sad. At the moment, we can congratulate the Rev. Libby Lane, the first woman ever named Bishop by the Anglican Church. Church of […]

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