The “Spiritual” Journey Within

100,000 miles of fibers! An elderly friend of mine likes to loan me “spiritual” reading material.  Some of it is quite interesting but I don’t find it as fascinating as he does.  I respect him and enjoy speaking with him but his curiosity about spiritual matters tends toward the dramatic and new age. He gave […]

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Secular Without Hate

Some “seculars” are anti-faith, anti-religious.  I understand some of their anger, but I cannot stand with them in their continual fight against religion and people of faith.  So when I read that members of a mosque are afraid after vandalism and hate messages left in their books, I’m bothered, because I’m anti something. . .anti-fear […]

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Hiking in the Chapel

The Chaplain and his brother have been sauntering in the Secular Sanctuary of the Sierras. It’s an annual pilgrimage for what we used to call Heretics Anonymous. Simply a saunter into the Natural Temple. . .naturally. Bald Eagles welcomed us into the highlands. Essential R&R sabbatical for anyone in human (or nonhuman) service, I would say. Here […]

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Seize the Limitations

Chaplains continually face limitations, personal and professional and in the lives of people who are or who feel limited in some way. This one artist’s story is an inspiration. Sit back with a cuppa something and watch. . . “Embrace the Shake” (Phil Hansen, TED Talk)

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Sports Chaplains

It may take Olympic-size ignorance and arrogance to turn international sports and goodwill into your own version of the Faith Olympics where We Won! (souls) is your only goal. Sport Chaplains Bring the Gospel to Sochi As a Chaplain I find this so disappointing. When I was an Evangelical in my youth, I was on a […]

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Voice from Africa

A young freethinking friend of mine in Ethiopia writes to say,   “I am now with some study to present my topic on the Divine Version of Nature especially Birds to persons from related organizations. To your point  many of our people have mainly the eyes of what nature has to them for consumption [rather] […]

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