Deplorable Religion

This WA POST article on a small town church south of Montgomery, Alabama is troubling to say the least. Judgment Days Among people who actually celebrate being “deplorable” (obviously no one but Hillary ever looked up the word)–the faith perspective is almost frightening. Obama a Muslim.  He and Hillary sent by Satan.  Trump send by […]

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Independence of Mind

I’m not at all against celebrating the Fourth of July, if independence includes the freedom to choose what to believe or not believe, how to live, whom to love. If people are celebrating basic human rights including the right not to celebrate, the right to protest, the right to stand for the anthem and say […]

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The Blue, Gray and Green

We just made a short visit to Stone Mountain, Georgia.  It’s a beautiful park and an amazing rock.  Unfortunately, this huge mountain of stone has been defaced with a sandblasted carving of three famous traitors in American history:  Jefferson Davis, Robert Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson. The defacement began in 1923, during the segregationist Jim Crow […]

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Reason on Trial

A drive through the South included an afternoon in Dayton, Tennessee where the famous Scopes “monkey trial” was held in 1925. We walked into the courtroom where Darrow and Bryan faced each other over the “crime” of teaching evolution.  Outside the courthouse, a new statue of Darrow stands not far from his nemesis. An excellent […]

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