Bells of Nature’s Secular Sanctuary

All through (Christian) college and (Super Christian) seminary I heard bells–the chimes from the bell tower, marking the hour, or playing a hymn to call us to chapel.  Sometimes the sound was soothing.  Other times, bothersome. Both Thomas Paine and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were irritated by bells.  Too many church bells always calling people to […]

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Secular Prayer from Ingersoll

Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899).  While reading his collected works (free for Kindle) I found this gem, and shared it with my class on the “National Day of Prayer.”  I invite you to read it today, on the International Day of No Prayer (just made that up, but I wonder what would happen. . .): “Our […]

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Secular Prayers and Blessings

Here’s hoping your “National Day of Prayer” is a good opportunity to reflect on these deeply spiritual issues: -What does prayer really mean in 2016? -Who am I praying to. . .and why? -What would happen if I did NOT pray today? -What would happen if NO ONE prayed today? -Are the prayers of billions […]

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