Gratefulness without a God

With or without faith we can be grateful and show gratitude.  It’s not about saying “Thank You!” to some higher being or even to Nature.  I think it’s more a sense of appreciation.  Most often for me that comes through people showing the best of “being human” in the gentlest of gestures, or through the […]

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The gods we know

Some wisdom for the day from naturalistic philosopher John Burroughs: “The nature gods we know; we live in daily and hourly converse with them; we see and know that we are dependent upon them every moment of our lives. These gods—air, water, fire, earth—and the greater gods whose eyes blink to us in the midnight […]

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Lying for God

I visited a believer’s website with the headline: “Washington National Cathedral to Host Muslim Prayer Service” This sounded fine to me.  A very interfaith gesture.  Exactly what we need to see happen more to bring peace between religions. I thought maybe this believer’s blog would say this openness and inclusion was indeed a very good […]

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