If I Was God: Disasters

indonesia plane victims

We see it and hear it again:  another disaster with loss of many lives.

A real tragedy.  Natural sadness and grief.

But, predictable as ever, super-natural faith appears to tell us what God was up to in this terrible event.

We hear it again and again. . .miracle of miracles. . .some are saved!

It was no stroke of luck but an act of God that her father caught hepatitis, said Inge Goreti Ferdiningsih, because it made her family cancel their tickets on the AirAsia flight a day before it took off.
“We are extremely grateful, and God is really great,” she said. “I believe that God is saving and protecting us, and this is truly a miracle.” (CNN)

And for another family:

“Maybe it is all God’s plan that my family and I were not on the flight,” Christianawati said. “It was a blessing in disguise.”

Sunday evening, the family went to church to give thanks.
But mixed with Inge Goreti’s tears of relief have been tears of sadness. She recognized names on Flight QZ8501’s passenger manifest, she said.
Friends and colleagues were on board.

If I was God. . .

I might explain to these people, maybe via images of the hundreds killed, that if I really was the God who saved them–saved THEM, and killed all the others– maybe I wasn’t really worthy of being their God, or any God at all.

If I was a reasonable, rational God (these are hard to find), I might simply say, or perhaps SHOUT:  NO, I didn’t save you and let all the rest die.  There was a mechanical malfunction or weather event or terrorist act that brought the plane down.  I had nothing to do with it.  And you just happened to miss the flight (that’s just the way it worked out for you and didn’t work out for the others).  Sad isn’t it?  Happy for you. . .whoopee, you’re alive!  But what about all the other lives lost?  Learn humility.  Learn something from this.  But don’t think you’re Oh So Special that I “Saved You” and let all those other innocent lives perish!  Save your prayers and thanks.  I’m really very tired of those.

Something like that.  If I was God.  But then, I’m not.  And aren’t you glad?  God the Truth-Teller can really be Mean, can’t he. . .or she. . .or it. . .or them. . .

Grief does strange things to people.  And so does faith.


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