Honor Thy Teachers

In the July 2015 edition of National Geographic, Ela Bhatt, leader of a women’s cooperative in India, is quoted: “I am not a Gandhi scholar, nor a devotee.  I am a Gandhi practitioner.” Isn’t that refreshing to hear? Not another “guru groupie” or faithful fanatic who elevates someone to “Great Soul.”  Some people simply hear […]

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“Religious Freedom” for Whom?

In the righteous outcry from the religious cry-babies about the Supreme Court ruling on Same-Sex Marriage, we hear things like: “No Texan is required. . .to act contrary to his or her religious beliefs regarding marriage.” (Gov. Greg Abbott) “[This court decision] will pave the way for an all-out assault against the religious freedom rights […]

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Proud to be American Today

I’m not a flag-waver or “America is the Greatest” kind of person. The U.S. has big problems and much of its military and economic policy around the world is highly questionable if not detestable.  We’re no moral compass for the world! But on a day like today. . .it’s good to be American. The Supreme […]

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The Nun and the None

Every time I see Sister Marion at some party or event her face lights up and I get a big smack on the lips.  What is it about this connection across the usually well-defended lines between the faithful and the faithless? At a recent going away party for an Episcopal Priest we both grabbed a […]

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Memorials without God

Our local interfaith council referred a family to me.  They were looking for someone to lead a memorial service for their father who just passed away at 100 years old.  They said “Ted,” a well-known designer, wasn’t really religious but loved nature and considered himself “eco-spiritual.”  I explained that I am not religious either, that […]

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