God in Government?

As a former Evangelical/Pentecostal/Protestant Clergyperson I always find it strange when Christians say things like, “God was taken out of public schools” or “You secular humanists want to keep God out of government.”  What nonsense. They seem to have an awfully teeny tiny small lower-case lord. And, of course, the truth is, religion is still […]

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My Address is a (Reflective) River

A few years ago, while living in a one-room cabin in a forest on an island in Washington State, I cut a trail system through the woods during the day, and cut sentences on wood sheets (paper) by the woodstove at night.  Those trails of words became books, including Meditations of Margaret Fuller, Meditations of […]

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Nature. . .or Nature’s God?

Terrible tragedy in Louisiana.  Historic floods.  Thousands displaced.  Awful human tragedy. Disasters can bring people of all kinds together. . .and, sometimes not. For example, take this story of Tony Perkins, President of the extremist Family Research Council. “The house of a man who has claimed natural disasters were sent by God as a message to […]

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All Nature Breathes

I am not a Pantheist. . .or a Theist of any kind. . .but I find enjoyment in these almost spiritual passages in early scientists like Humboldt, Darwin, Muir and others, down to Sagan and Hawking in our day. Students in the class on Freethinkers I taught last Spring gave me Andrea Wulf’s book on […]

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E Natura Unum

My wife and I drove the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday and hiked gorgeous green trails down to some amazing waterfalls (photo:  Crabtree Falls).  At each tumbling falls, we stood with people of different ethnicities, nationalities, ages, sizes, abilities and, no doubt, religious beliefs.  Did it matter at all?  Of course not.  Nature was the most […]

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Lie for a Lie, Truth for a Truth

I was raised to tell the truth. . .and if I didn’t, or I “sassed back” at my mom, I’d get my mouth washed out with soap!  Thankfully, that didn’t happen much.  I learned my lesson pretty early and pretty fast!  I don’t like the taste of soap. Don’t you wish there was some soap […]

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Wilderness at the Door

It wasn’t easy to leave California where I lived for half of my life.  We always felt we were living in the middle of a big park. But our new state–North Carolina–is sending quite a parade of wildness to greet us! Black bears wandering across the patio (one with 3 cubs); black rat snakes in […]

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