Killing God. . .Over and Over

female christ

The Church has this down.  Experts at deicide–murdering their own God.

(by the way, the Mosque is also pretty good at killing him off as well).

It just gets painful to watch, doesn’t it?

A minister I know shared a story with me. . .it’s going on right now, as you read this.

It’s very simple.  Maybe you’ve heard it before.  I know I have.

A homeless young woman is working.  She doesn’t do drugs.  She does volunteer work too.  She’s stayed in a shelter, but her time’s up.

Yep.  Time’s Up.  She has to be out. . .again.

The minister, and a chaplain, suggested she sleep on the floor in a church for a short while, until she finds a place.

Well, the “official” word from the church is:  No.  We don’t want to get in trouble with the city, with the police, with our neighbors, with anyone!  Besides, other homeless folks might find out and then we’d have a church-full of them!  No!

Well, it was actually said in a much nicer way.  But the reasons are the same.

(short pause to say:  this stuff is one reason I left Church, Faith and God. . .by the way)

The minister shared the story, knowing I’ve worked with “housing challenged” people for most of my life.

My response was unsurprised and didn’t surprise the minister.

I asked, rhetorically, “There isn’t ONE congregant with a floor she can sleep on?”

Then I suggested the church be re-named The First Church of Comfort.

And wondered if maybe a Bed of Bibles could be laid out for her to sleep on.

And then, my sharp sarcasm, “Maybe I should paddle over to the Titanic (Tomb of Theology) and see if anyone else wants a ride to freedom.”

Then, I’m sure this minister was expecting a parting barb:

“We all know those empty crosses on churches are just prepared for more crucifixions.”

(Get the impression this strikes a chord for me?)

What to Say to Self-Righteous “Leaders”

Cruz-God wants me
Cruz-crossed: says there is a “War on Faith”*

’tis the season for Preacher Politicians to do what they do best:

bring more of their self-righteous Bombastic Bloviating Buffoonery into the arena of respected world leadership.

Along the bumpy road of careening clown cars, here are a few comments and questions I would ask these would-be “leaders”:

-You say your “religious freedom” is “under attack” and that you feel “persecuted.”  I wonder, how is protecting discriminatory practices by businesses, schools, and other public institutions the same as protecting religious freedom?  What would you say to a group of Muslim students who wanted their Muslim teacher to lead them in prayers every day at your child’s school, after reading the Qur’an together?  Would you support Buddhist prayers before congress or court?  Oh, so you think that “religious freedom” is just for Christians?  You might want to read up a little more on that one.

-You say you just can’t support gay marriage, “illegals” or women’s health choice.  I wonder, what do your gay, latino and women friends say about that?  Oh, you don’t HAVE any gay, latino or women friends?  Why am I not surprised.

-You say Poor People are just lazy, don’t want to work and want a handout.  I wonder, what do your POOR friends have to say to you about that?  Oh, sorry, you’ve never met one?   Well, maybe this is an opportunity for you to learn?

-You say that only a good person of faith should be President.  I wonder, WHICH faith are you talking about?  Oh, Christian?  Well, WHICH Christian belief do you think is acceptable?  And, by the way, can you tell us what the Constitution says about your “Faith Test”?  You like to quote from the First Amendment about freedom of religion, but what does the main text of the Constitution require in Article Six?  You can’t recall?  Here’s a refresher for you:

“No religious Test [yes that’s a capital T] shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or Public Trust under the United States.”

You’re welcome!

-And, one last question for now.  You talk a lot about Jesus.  It sounds like he’s your model for ethics and leadership.  I wonder, can you tell us what Jesus (not Paul or anyone else) said about gay people, about abortion, about immigrants, about poor people, about women?  For that matter, what did Jesus say about America?  Did he (or God) favor one country over all other countries?  Oh, and what would he have to say about your strong support for arms and the military?  And, I can’t resist asking one more simple question: could you please tell us what Jesus specifically said about self-righteousness?

Sir?  Ma’am?  I’m waiting. . .We’re waiting. . .

Did anyone see where the Candidate went?

*Let’s hope someone asks these questions, and many more, of these Crusaders.

Here’s what we’re up against (from the Washington Post):

“Cruz’s Iowa campaign chairman, Matt Schultz, suggested Cruz was divinely chosen to lead.

“We’re at a crossroads in our country,” Schultz told the crowd. “Ted Cruz is the man who God has prepared for this moment in time to be our champion, to fight for our husbands, our wives, our children and our grandchildren, for our country.”


Her murder leaves many questions for people of faith
Her murder leaves many questions for people of faith

The torture and killing of 27-year old Farkhunda at a shrine in Afghanistan last March is a story that must be told and must be heard.

Now, the BBC has a documentary you can listen to here.

You can watch video footage of the mob execution if you think you need to, but I recommend sitting to listen to this 28 minute piece.

The men accused of her murder may not be fully punished by the “justice” system, and many are still at large.

My takeaways:

-She was a devout Muslim, studying to be a religious teacher, who challenged abuses by her religion (the selling of “charms” with magic powers in a shrine)

-She was falsely accused of being an American who burned a Qur’an (the person who first accused her deserves the greatest punishment, in my mind)

-The large crowd of men left all traces of humanity behind to beat her and burn her (unbelievably savage behavior)

-Her brutal murder has now become a rallying cry for Women’s Rights and Justice

-In a strange twist, she is now called a “Martyr” for her faith

-At least she gets a street named after her and a memorial shrine of her own!

The death of Farkhunda leaves one large question for the faithful to answer:

What should People of Faith do to stop the wildfire spread of irrational, often violent, beliefs and behavior that bring misery and death to countless Farkhundas in our world?

What is Your answer?

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

peace together

I just saw this image on a blog and thought I’d borrow it to ask some questions:

Does this mean The Guy Gods (don’t see any Gal-Gods) are Friends?

(would they have their own Faithsbook to “friend” each other?)

Does it mean there will now be a United Nations, er. . .United Universe of Gods?

(wouldn’t they still want to fight over Who’s the Greatest of the Gods–the most Attractive Almighty?)

Could we assume that the “love-hearts” they hold reveal that the Gods are Gay?!

(sorry, couldn’t resist the temptation to say that)

But let’s be positive for a moment. . .

What’s RIGHT about this picture?

It represents All People of Faith coming together to. . .have their picture taken?  I mean, to show the Unity of Believers?

Nice idea.  Kinda sweet interfaith hug moment.

Yet. . .

I wonder if Uniting the World’s Mythologies and Imaginative Religious Images is really a good thing.  I mean, after all, to be honest:

It could be dangerous to bring too many men in dresses together!

(or wild and fun. . .I don’t know!)

Smiling. . .

Fearful Faith vs. Free Thought, Free Speech and Freedom Itself

“Niloy Neel”

Free speech is based on freedom of thought, freedom of conscience.

Now, yet another blogger in Bangladesh is murdered for writing his free ideas:

Niloy Chakrabati killed in Dhaka

Niloy is the FOURTH blogger killed just this year!

What is it about freedom of thought and word that scares some Defenders of Faith so much?

Oh, yes, of course, we know exactly what it is that scares them so much:

Reason can kill Religion and the Pen can poke Holes in the Holy Balloon (and Buffoonery) of Faith.

Fear-based Faith kills. . .mentally and literally.

Please remember Niloy and what he stood for.

And visit these Brave Bloggers at “Free Mind” (Mukto Mona)

(many are on a “Hit List”–targets of extremists)

Keeping God Busy

cheese mice

Well, don’t tell anyone but I’ve been reading over our local Religion Page again.  Sorry.  Can’t resist.  I’m always curious what hundreds, maybe thousands, are doing with their faith this week. . .in our community.

Here’s what I see this time:

-42 “Worship” services (one called “Liberal,” another called “Joyful.”  One called  “Contemplative” and another called “Contemporary”).

-17 “B&B” (that’s Body and Blood. . .you know, Mass/Eucharist/Lord’s Supper/Communion).  One is called “Quiet Mass.”  I’ve always liked a quiet B&B.  Another is called “Festive.”  Not sure how eating this particular cuisine can be called “festive.”

-3-4 “Prayer” (I say 3 or 4 since I’m not sure sometimes what is being advertised.  And we also see a Muslim Jumah prayer).

Then some Shabbat services (with traditional prayers, Torah readings, sermons and noshes) and a Zazen meeting.

I’m sure there are many more Godly Get Togethers not listed in the paper (you know, the New Agers and Mormons and JWs, etc.  And, don’t forget that some don’t want to be “seen” alongside “those people”).

What does all this Faith Activity do for our towns, our county, our communities?  Hundreds of Hours Together for God.  Well, people getting together can be good.  Maybe a lot of those worshippers and pray-ers and coffee-drinking noshers are fine teachers and police officers and parents and judges and garbage collectors.  Maybe they’re better people, happier, more compassionate people, because they gave those hours to God.  I don’t know.  I’ll look around and see if people are healthier and the streets are safer this week.

But I also wonder (no surprise):  How does God keep up?  I mean, being worshipped 42 times just this week!  Having your body consumed by crowds of well-dressed people 17 times!     Hundreds of prayers for help; hundreds praising You and Your YOU-ness!

Sometimes, I have to say, I feel very very sorry for God.  Give the Guy a Rest already!

Maybe more Cheeses?  Or, maybe, we’ve had enough?