Killing God. . .Over and Over

The Church has this down.  Experts at deicide–murdering their own God. (by the way, the Mosque is also pretty good at killing him off as well). It just gets painful to watch, doesn’t it? A minister I know shared a story with me. . .it’s going on right now, as you read this. It’s very […]

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The torture and killing of 27-year old Farkhunda at a shrine in Afghanistan last March is a story that must be told and must be heard. Now, the BBC has a documentary you can listen to here. You can watch video footage of the mob execution if you think you need to, but I recommend […]

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Keeping God Busy

Well, don’t tell anyone but I’ve been reading over our local Religion Page again.  Sorry.  Can’t resist.  I’m always curious what hundreds, maybe thousands, are doing with their faith this week. . .in our community. Here’s what I see this time: -42 “Worship” services (one called “Liberal,” another called “Joyful.”  One called  “Contemplative” and another […]

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