Pastors telling the truth?

A former colleague in ministry, now a “progressive christian,” wrote a piece calling on churches to hold “Fearless Sunday” when pastors can tell the truth of what they really believe and don’t believe. Fearless Sunday He feels this will “rescue the church from its delusions,” “save Christianity” and assure the “survival of the faith.”  He […]

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The Nation’s Chaplain?

“Jesuit Father Patrick Conroy, the 60th chaplain of the House of Representatives, led the vigil [following the Orlando shooting] with a prayer calling for peace and an end to “violence against populations of people who are identifiable for who they are, whom they love, what they believe or what race they belong to.” (Catholic Herald, […]

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Spirituality and Nature

In honor of John Muir’s 180th Birthday (b. April 21, 1838). . .this reflection: I keep turning this word/idea/concept/imagination called “spirituality” around in my brain like a rough stone or prickly seedpod.  Here’s my current thinking: “Spiritual” experiences/moments/feelings in Nature are always disconnected from Nature.  Otherwise, why call them “spiritual” rather than “natural”? As I […]

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Something to Ponder

Reading more from John Muir before teaching my class today, this thought sauntered into my mind: We can’t BELIEVE what we SEE sometimes. . . So we tend to SEE what we BELIEVE. I read that to the class as a point to ponder, inspired by Muir’s interest in seeing Nature and the natural world […]

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Secular in the Pew (Easter)

While I was attending an Easter service with my wife (she was the guest minister), gazing at the dead branches of an empty cross, wishing I could see out through the stained-glass to the spring green. . . my short essay on The Story was published on Rational Doubt (The Clergy Project): The Greatest Story Not […]

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