By the Grace of God (oh please)

Tornadoes in Texas. A church crumbles. . .people are safe. . . Parishioners call it a miracle.  They say it was by God’s grace. And, to prove it, the statue of Mary survived untouched! Truly an act of God. But, Except, However. . . The tornadoes that passed through that area of Texas killed at […]

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What we Say, or What we Do?

A retired pastor I’ve known for many years wrote me in response to my weekly newspaper column.  He and I have our differences of beliefs, but our feelings and thoughts about social issues are very similar. I was humbled by the words he wrote: “Someone said, ‘Every Christian is called to proclaim the gospel, sometimes […]

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Rain is Green

Spring rains are making the trees pop with blossoms and leaves. I sometimes wonder if my blood is green (Spock!). Unexpected things happen. . . I saw a rabbit chase a squirrel. . . and a blue-headed turkey in the field with a red-throated turkey. . . I expect this unexpected beauty.

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How a Humanist Prays in Public

I posted this comment on The Friendly Atheist responding to an article on Humanist invocations in the Arizona statehouse. Ok, folks, I’ve given plenty of public prayers in my (faith) day. I have a little suggestion for those who give invocations at any level of local, state or national government. Something like this: “It’s time […]

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The Gospel of John (Muir)

Speaking at a local UU congregation this last Sunday (yes, a “secular sermon” on Easter!), I read this as our “scripture” from “The Gospel of John. . .Muir” (My First Summer in the Sierra, 1911).  To honor Johnny’s birthday this week (April 21), here’s his reflection on a strange experience he had in the mountains […]

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