How to Kill a Bear (for Dummies)

Am I alone in thinking there is some kind of epidemic in non-thinking (also called ignorance or dumbness)? Humans can be dumber than the “dumb animals” sometimes. Case in point:  an elderly lady in our area who was walking her dog late in the evening, chased off bear cubs (with her barking dog) from her […]

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Proud Music of the Storm

As we are seeing the first whispers of the hurricane here in the mountains, we are amazed at the destructive beauty of basic elements of life:  air, water, earth. And I think of these lines from Walt Whitman’s “Proud Music of the Storm”: PROUD music of the storm, Blast that careers so free, whistling across […]

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The Christian Nation Mistake

The Biggest Whoops when it comes to those who make up the “Christian Nation” delusion is exposed with one simple question: Which Christians? According to Wiki, there are about 2.5 Billion “Christians” on the planet, that’s roughly 33% of humanity.  See this list of Christian denominations (your eyes WILL cross). So, once they sort it […]

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