Church and State

“BAN MARRIAGE BETWEEN RELIGION AND STATE” (in rainbow colors on a bumpersticker I saw this week) Funny. . .and Wise. . .a Reminder to be Rational and Speak Up for Separation  

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Making “Saints”

While the Catholic Church apparently has enough evidence to “canonize” (make the measure of faith) two popes. . . those who might be better examples of “living their faith” may just be overlooked. Like Father Frans, an unconventional Dutch Jesuit Priest who was just shot to death in Syria (BBC) In the early 1990s. . […]

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Saving Jesus

As a former Christian Minister who led hundreds of Easter services over the years, these holydays continue to get me reflective. My wife (a Presbyterian Minister) was amused this weekend when I brought a bible to breakfast to read her a passage from First Peter about Jesus preaching to the dead in “prison” since the […]

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Crucifixion of the Constitution

It’s Good Friday.  Happy GF to those who celebrate the Execution of their Lord by a Secular Government mixed up with Powerful Religious Leadership. Friendly Atheist posted this on the FFRF response to religious messages on public property in Chicago. These FFRF posters are classic reminders of the “sacred” wall of Separation between Religion and State […]

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Have a Little Faith. . .or Not!

I love this guy (Zach Anner) and his approach to people of faith. Have a Little Faith (SoulPancake) He’s a “searching” skeptic who’s curious about what people believe and why they believe. So, he visits various sanctuaries, meets people and builds relationships, all while having fun with it. The part I really like is that […]

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Passover of the Dispossessed

I admit, it can be fun to make light of Religion and Faith.  This “holy week” I’ve already asked two Ministers I know, “If there was a Last Supper, what was the Last Breakfast?”  Some folks find these poking questions rather funny and I think we all should.  It reveals the humanity hidden behind all […]

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