When Presidents Pray. . .

An awful mudslide has killed many people and destroyed a town.  This happened in my home area of Washington State, not far from where I was raised, where some family lives, and a short drive from where I was living a few years ago.  Not long ago, I took a walk by that river.  A […]

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The Gospel of Guns (Part 2)

I always know when I post something about guns urging reason and responsibility, gun-loving readers will not be happy.  Temperatures rise, especially when I use humor or sarcasm to make my point.  I realize there’s an amount of danger in stirring up the Guns-and-God Group. . .but if reasonable people don’t speak out, “gun rights” […]

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Guns and Gods. . .again

Bullet-in. . .Bullet-in. . . Georgia just did it.  Oh yes they did!  God bless ’em.  They passed “the most extreme gun bill in America.”  Now I want to move to Georgia so I can carry my gun (don’t worry, I’m buying one at the airport as soon as I get there) and carry it proudly, […]

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New Guru Discovered!

Just in time for Spring, I found a NEW “Spiritual Teacher!” HE (sorry, yes, another male guru. . .no guru-ette this time) is even making me reconsider my status as a secular. I may become a Spiritual Secular (Specular?).  I’m waiting for clearance and blessing on that. He didn’t want me to tell you his […]

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Not God People but Good People

I’ve been asked (challenged) lately to explain “What is Good?” and “What is Moral?” and especially, “How can you be good or moral if you don’t believe in God?” Let’s listen to Stephen Fry and the British Humanists on this: Secular Morality Some of us may not be God People but we’re still Good People

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The Secular Jesus

It’s Lent! (six-week period leading up to Easter, for all you heathen) A Celebration of Spring! (well, not really, more like a distraction from the natural beauty of the season) A Time to Rejoice in all the Good Things of Life! (oh, sorry, actually a time to reflect on the darkness of personal sin and the […]

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