Safe Escort into Your Church?

I’ve known women who have had to make very difficult medical decisions about serious procedures including abortion.  I’ve supported the choices they make that concern their own bodies, as they make very private decisions with their doctors. This is why this latest Supreme Court decision is troubling.   A “safe zone” around clinics (actually ANY […]

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Secular among Spirituals

I attended an Interfaith event last evening as I’ve done many times.  I know a number of the participants from my years of chaplaincy and nonprofit work in the county.  And (disclaimer) the director is my wife!  The event honored her 10 years with the council and the 30 years this group has been a […]

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Greater than the Bible. . .

. . .or Any Other Scripture. This Book converted me from Faith to Fascination from The Word to The Wonder from Bound Belief to Unbounded Beauty from Spirituality to Simplicity from the Supernatural to the Super-Natural from God to Goodness Have You Read This Book? Of course you have.  Anyone can and Everyone does. Nature […]

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Who Owns Allah?

Update to posting on Beyond God (“Circus Maximus”) Who owns the copyright on “God”?  You know, “His Name”? (“Her” Name is unthinkable) You know, the Name “God,” “Krishna,” “Shiva,” “Jesus,” “Yahweh” (sorry, YHVH, no, sorry, Adonai. . .too holy to say it so no copyright necessary), “Allah” and all the rest (Muslim tradition says there are […]

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