Woman on the Cross

Farkhunda, the (innocent) woman in Kabul who was killed by a mob last week, is now a symbol for women’s rights, free speech and anti-superstition. Some now call her a Martyr. Maybe in this “holy week” (when a variety of faiths tell ancient stories of suffering), more of us will think of Farkhunda and women […]

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This NYT story is inspiring. . .in a very troubling, distressing way. Inspiring can mean “taking a deep breath” to reflect and learn. A mentally ill woman is accused of burning pages of the Qur’an. . .so, of course, she’s brutally killed by a mob. Her name was Farkhunda.  It happened at a shrine.  She […]

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Homeopathic Flimflammery

I have some friends who swear by Homeopathy.  I try to resist their “pill-vangelism” but sometimes give in.  A cup of tea is just as good, or better yet a walk in the fresh air, but what really gets to me is the belief-system that generates billions of dollars for the quacks. Here’s the latest […]

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