No, Virginia, there is no Santa-God

I posted this re-write of the famous piece in the New York Sun (1897) on the Christmas Baby blog. btw, I’m not interested in “taking the magic” out of the season or jumping into old moldy debates over the myths, including the myth of the “war on christmas.” I’m only interested in the goodness-in-the-madness of the “holidays” and […]

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Secular Chaplain Prays with Muslims

Way way back in Evangelical college days, I was invited to pray with a small circle of Muslim students from Saudi Arabia (their government liked the “protective environment” and restrictions at our conservative school). Wahleed and I had become friends (over foosball in the student union) and he asked if I wanted to join them […]

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Signs of the Secular Season

It’s the time of year again to either do the Santanic thing worshipping a huge white guy who tracks reindeer poo into homes across the world. . .or do the Babygod thing which is much cleaner and more sanitary (though legend has it he was found in a stable surrounded by animals). OR It’s the […]

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Radicalized Christianists

It’s time to tell the truth about a big open secret in America.  It’s time to call out, in particular, the “leaders,” esp. the Presidential Candidates (it’s not even partisan to say they’re all Republican) and their frenzied faithful.  Time to call them what they are:  Radicalized Extremist Christianists. These are the people who demand […]

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