Another Season for Reason

Beauty is beginning to “spring up” all around.  Winter and Spring seem to be in some competition over which can surprise us the most.

A clear, sunny, windy day. . .turns to a freezing morning of swirling snowflakes.

A drive up the Blue Ridge through dry open forests. . .and around a turn we find IceFalls!

An ancient story of one teacher’s death and the legend of his defeating death. . .and Nature reminds us there is no need to “defeat” the cycles and circles of our natural, earthy lives.

Each Season has good reasons to be “the best.”

Why I Don’t Worship Nature


I understand the deep human desire to worship something or someone.  Something or Someone MUST be “greater” and deserves our adoration, devotion, prayer and praise, right?

Since leaving faith on a fallen log by the trail long ago, I no longer have the need to worship something.  Respect for life and the natural world is enough.

Why don’t I worship Nature?  Why would I?