What’s True (how do you know)?

Every Quack is Not a Duck

Haven’t heard a better whistle to wake us up to Wisdom, Common Sense and Reason.

This Seattle Times article is unsettling.

“[University of Washington Prof.] Starbird argues in a new paper, set to be presented at a computational social-science conference in May, that these “strange clusters” of wild conspiracy talk, when mapped, point to an emerging alternative media ecosystem on the web of surprising power and reach.

It features sites such as Infowars.com, hosted by informal President Donald Trump adviser Alex Jones, which has pushed a range of conspiracies, including that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a staged fake. . . .

Starbird is publishing her paper as a sort of warning. The information networks we’ve built are almost perfectly designed to exploit psychological vulnerabilities to rumor.

“Your brain tells you ‘Hey, I got this from three different sources,’ ” she says. “But you don’t realize it all traces back to the same place, and might have even reached you via bots posing as real people. If we think of this as a virus, I wouldn’t know how to vaccinate for it.”

Starbird says she’s concluded, provocatively, that we may be headed toward “the menace of unreality — which is that nobody believes anything anymore.” Alex Jones, she says, is “a kind of prophet. There really is an information war for your mind. And we’re losing it.”

Another Season for Reason

Beauty is beginning to “spring up” all around.  Winter and Spring seem to be in some competition over which can surprise us the most.

A clear, sunny, windy day. . .turns to a freezing morning of swirling snowflakes.

A drive up the Blue Ridge through dry open forests. . .and around a turn we find IceFalls!

An ancient story of one teacher’s death and the legend of his defeating death. . .and Nature reminds us there is no need to “defeat” the cycles and circles of our natural, earthy lives.

Each Season has good reasons to be “the best.”

Why I Don’t Worship Nature


I understand the deep human desire to worship something or someone.  Something or Someone MUST be “greater” and deserves our adoration, devotion, prayer and praise, right?

Since leaving faith on a fallen log by the trail long ago, I no longer have the need to worship something.  Respect for life and the natural world is enough.

Why don’t I worship Nature?  Why would I?