Play the “If I Was God” Game

god and rain

I sometimes love playing the New and Wildly Popular Boardgame and App Sensation, “If I Was God!”  No, it’s not a real game, but I enjoy playing anyway.

Here are some of the Exciting Questions in the Game (how would YOU answer?  Come on, tell us. . .after all, you’re GOD!):

Would I create only one special rock in space for little, fragile, dependent living things, or billions of places for life?

Would I choose to stay invisible and keep everyone fighting over what I look like and whose Invisible God is the best?

Would I make a Hell, and if so, what would it look like?  Who would I send there? (this is a very fun question, isn’t it?  Hint:  Dick Cheney could help if you need an architect. . .or someone to send)

If I made a garden paradise called “Heaven” somewhere in a hidden part of the infinite universe, what would that look like and who would go THERE?  Would I make it one Eternal Church Service where I could be PRAISED for ever. . .FOREVER?  Would my Almighty EGO ever get tired of the hymns and hallelujahs?  Would I enjoy all the GLORY while billions of my “beloved creatures” were tortured in that wonderful HELL I made and sent them to suffer in?

Am I a God who loves BLOOD?  Do I set up a drama where people I have made imperfect have to shed blood or kill an animal before I can forgive them and be a Happy God?

A related bonus question:  Would I be as pleased as a potentate to see dozens of holidays made up for Me,  days and seasons when millions of animals and trees would be killed year after year to show how much people love me as the Lord of LIFE?

What do I do about all the OTHER Gods?  Do we fight?  Do I kill them?  Do I spend most of my time trying to prove I’m the ONLY one?  Or the TRUE one?

Would you make people think You LOOK LIKE THEM, allowing them to make You in THEIR image?

And, here’s the question that started this whole post today. . .

What do I do about PRAYER?  When I hear billions of voices praying for everything at once. . .how do I decide?

Today’s gamers dilemma:

It’s raining buckets here on the Left Coast of the US of A.  I imagine there are thousands, maybe millions, of people Praying for Rain. . .and millions of others Praying for the Rain to STOP.

If I was God, which prayers would I listen to and answer?  How would I decide whose prayers WIN and whose LOSE?

And, while we’re playing about praying:

Billions of believers pray for God to protect the children, to bring peace, to heal disease, to “save”. . .

If you were God, how would you decide to act?  Would YOU, Your Awesomeness, Just Do all those good things to show Your love?

GAME OVER.  Aren’t you glad you AREN’T GOD?!

See you next time. . .


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