More Religious Tests in Schools

Yes, you read that right!  Let’s have more religious tests in public schools.  Here’s my reasoning. In some states, parents are up in arms that Islam is taught as part of a history course.  Then we read that it’s hard for a child to get into school in Ireland unless they’re baptized Catholic. One more […]

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MLK: Secular Freethinker?

Dr. King was of course a minister with a strong personal faith.  He was a Christian, perhaps in the best sense of that label.  Yet, it seems clear to me that Martin was also a freethinking kind of mind whose intentions and goals were utimately similar if not identical to freethinking secular minds. Dr. King was […]

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A Free Thought by a Free Mind

“The canon law, the Scriptures, the creeds and codes and church discipline of the leading religions bear the impress of fallible [human beings], and not of our ideal great first cause, ‘the Spirit of all Good,’ that set the universe of matter and mind in motion, and by immutable law holds the land, the sea, […]

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Who Has the Tallest Jesus?

What do you do when your faith has little to offer the nation, the community, the world.  Well, if you’re really rich, you build a Bigger God! Massive Statue of Jesus in Nigeria (FAUX News) Oh, and make sure that Your God is as WHITE as possible even though he was made in China and looks […]

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PC or RC?

This pretty much nails so much of the whining we hear. What’s left out is the fact that so much of the complaining is really about Religious Correctness.  “My Exceptional Faith is Right (correct) and deserves privilege, priority and precedence over your faith, or your godlessness!” “Ortho-doxy”:  right + view When you have faith and […]

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