The Deplorable President

Make America America Again (I guess) Garrison Keillor’s in good form since retirement.  I hope to retire so eloquently. “Maybe God did Choose Trump” (Chicago Tribune) His incisive and acerbic wit brought me back to Clinton’s fine and appropriate term to describe a large slice of the Trump-pie:  “Deplorable” No one seemed to look the […]

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Jesus Meets John Muir

Not so long ago, in a land not so far away (actually on an island in the Pacific Northwest), I wrote a little novel–call it a novella–that to my knowledge has been read by one person.  He used to work for a publishing company and said he very much liked the book.  So, there’s your […]

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Recycling Scriptures

“I loved a few books much; but I loved Nature, in all those material examples and subtle expressions, with a love passing all the books of the world.” ~John Burroughs, Notes on Walt Whitman (1867) I purchased a new shredder a few weeks ago.   Seeing the pages chewed down into fine little bits is a good […]

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Blessed are the Poor Children. . .Now, Let’s Save Their Little Lost Souls

A woman named Vicki responded to my last post about Operation Christmas Child, another attempt by Franklin Graham and his evangelistic machine to reach poor kids this season with the gospel of Christ (slipped in with toys and a flashlight).  I essentially said that I find their gift of shoeboxes a disrespectful and dishonest way to […]

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