Troubled People with Guns

Who is troubled?  Disturbed?  Mentally Ill? We have “sick” and “crazy” and “wacko” “monsters” running around killing people. We have to stop THEM. . .THEY are the problem. . . Well, maybe THEY aren’t the problem? This is a comment I just left on an article regarding new Gun Control legislation. And let’s not forget […]

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Nature’s Everlasting Smile

Re-discovering William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878) One has written of his youth in Massachusetts, “An inquisitive child, Cullen learned to make a companion of thoughts stimulated by nature. The observations of plants and flowers, of birds and sky, and of brooks and rolling fields that occupy so much of his verse were trained by the boy’s […]

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The Great American Religion

The Great American Religion and The Resurrection of Thomas Paine A colleague of mine just returned from a trip to Washington, D.C. where he and his family visited all the great monuments, museums and institutions.  I agreed with him, you get saturated and overwhelmed by the history in that wonderful city. Since we just came […]

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Maya Angelou, Secular Chaplain

Oh, I know, Maya Angelou (who sadly just passed away) was a “person of faith.” Everyone likes to claim famous people for their own faith or faction. So, let’s claim this Great Poet, Writer and National Treasure for Secular Chaplaincy. I’m sure we could proof-text her many writings and speeches. But I find her words […]

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Thomas Paine, Secular Chaplain

I’ve admired Paine for many years.  He stands as a Forgotten Founder in American history. There’s hardly a more radical book to change Governments than “Common Sense” and hardly any more radical to change Religion than “The Age of Reason.”  Bookends for Thomas Paine’s vision for Independence of Body and Independence of Mind. It wasn’t […]

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Forest Church

This gets my attention. Flagstaff Forest Church (AZ) Sounds a bit too “New Agey” for me and the quote from Muir may be more sentimental than accurate. Yet, several students have asked if my “Wild Spirituality of Nature” class might lead to something similar. I don’t know. But, this might be on the right trail. […]

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Here Come the Drones

“The latest experimental drones include a robot with bird-like grasping appendages, and some that form a robo-swarm or flock. . . .  [Researchers are] currently working on robots that can ‘perch’ on trees and other objects, enabling drones to become ‘mobile networks of sensors’.” Now, I’m all for technology and I love Sci-Fi, but I […]

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