Nature Facts

“One must not only see sharply, but read aright what they see.  The facts in the life of Nature that are transpiring about us are like written words that the observer is to arrange into sentences.  Or the writing is in cipher [in code] and we must furnish the key.” ~John Burroughs (with Mary Burt), […]

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Monumental Truth

In our land of monuments, memorials and “hero statues,” it’s good to find some that actually teach. . .if we’re willing to learn. It’s easier to defend or destroy a statue made of stone or metal than it is to learn the truth behind it. . .and put a monumental message into flesh. . .like […]

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Sun Crescents

We didn’t have a full eclipse here, but it was spectacular enough!  Almost as fun to look down as up.  Hundreds of curved shadows on the pavement. And where we live in the mountains, it’s now raining.  I watched yellow leaves falling in the rain. . .like sunflakes after the eclipse. My thought of the […]

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Smoky Mountain Skies

We’ve been here, near Smoky Mountains National Park, for over a year and have only begun to explore a tiny corner of these amazing Beauty-Monuments (as Muir would say). Photos on this magnificent day:  From Purchase Knob near Maggie Valley, NC  

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Sleeping in a Graveyard!

On his 1000-mile walk from Indiana to Florida in 1867, John Muir sauntered into Savannah, Georgia and couldn’t find a safe place to sleep, and he was almost out of money.  So he wandered into Bonaventure Cemetery on the edge of town and slept under the huge, old live-oaks there, branches drooping with Spanish moss. […]

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Islands of the Gullah

The Sea Island people of the East Coast of the United States have a unique culture, language, spirituality and connection to family. Direct descendants of slaves brought from Angola, Sierra Leone and other African lands, the Gullah (or Geechee) still live along the Gullah Corridor from North Carolina to Florida. Of course, the Loving God of […]

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