This Blog is Christian-Free!

No Christians Allowed Here.* My (Secular) Religion forbids Christians on this blog. What started this? Muslim-Free Gun Range in ARK-Kansas (I can write it this way, it’s my RIGHT) And (this will surprise some of you):  Muslims are WELCOME here! Except those carrying guns! We are also a Gun-Free Zone. It’s my RIGHT! *Note:   […]

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Secular Sacraments

My brief little John Muir sacrament story was posted on Patheos for “Earth Day.” Here’s to the Squirrels and Sequoias!  And the “Sacred Juice”! Enjoy the week celebrating the only home planet we know. (and happy birthday tomorrow to Johnny Muir who was born April 21, 1838)

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Does a Christian Nation Need More Christian Chaplains for Christian Soldiers?

Sure it does! Except, well, sorry, I forgot, there IS no Christian Nation.  Especially not America. We need more Christian Chaplains! (Friendly Atheist) As my comment on Patheos states, this endless confusion over the difference between Chaplains and Missionaries is getting so old and tiring. Sometimes. . .sometimes. . .I wonder whether it really would be […]

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Why Isn’t Every Day a Holiday?

I agree with Thomas Paine (the one who stirred up revolutions in government and religion).  He said that, even if there was such a thing as “revelation” (a special message to a person) it could never be passed along as “revelation.”  It would then be “hearsay.” So, here’s my hearsay–if you care to hear what […]

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The God of Easter Past

It’s that time of the year again. Stores are full of colorful sweets, families have great fun dressing up, wondrous stories are told. . . Happy Halloween! Sorry, I mean, Happy Easter. . .and Passover. . .and Buddha’s Birthday! We might re-name “Holy Week” as “Halloweek.” When I was a Christian Minister, serving as a […]

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