The Real Jesus?

Some reasons I always considered Jesus a good model for good Chaplains. . . As I asked on my Christmas Baby blog. . . Why does it take a Comedian to tell the truth like this?  Why doesn’t the Church teach this?  Why didn’t we learn this in seminary?  Why indeed! What happened to the […]

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Praying for the End of Prayer

“Pray for her.” What a tragic event.  Yet another school shooting and another in Colorado.  Epidemic.  Although we KNOW it isn’t the gun’s fault and certainly has NOTHING to do with MORE and MORE GUNS! Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to write about THIS time. Everyone is asking us to Pray For the young […]

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Secular Christmas

Reposted from Christmas Baby: I was born on December 25th and I became a minister because of that day and the lowly-lord of long ago who shared the birthday. As a church leader I assisted in many a Christmas Eve candlelight service.  As a chaplain, I led many a seasonal celebration with women and men who […]

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Taking (and Giving) Shelter

Five years ago I was the Director of an Emergency Winter Shelter.  In a particularly frigid December I was asked to coordinate this effort after a local pastor opened the doors of his tiny storefront church to let in the freezing folks huddled on his doorstep.  I was impressed by this simple act of kindness: […]

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