Offending the Devil

If I was Satan, I’d be offended! Even the Devil gets disrespected sometimes! The Greatest Enforcer of Evil in the Universe, created with a “mission” from God (!) and His Evilness is so often Ignored! The tragic crush of people on Hajj in Saudi Arabia this week is indeed sad.  No one wants to see […]

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Lord, Teach Us NOT to Pray

The Pope’s on the move. . . A New Saint (Serra) is on the way. . . Faith is on the march all over. . . along with Wars and refugees, fires and floods and suffering and death all around. . . There must be Something we can do! Millions close their eyes, fold their hands […]

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We Can’t Escape “God”

A bit of wisdom today from naturalist John Burroughs (friend of John Muir,  Walt Whitman, Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Edison): “If a person can live without God in this world, there is not the slightest doubt but that he can live without him in the next, and the next, and have just as good a […]

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Do You Live in This State?

I’ve travelled around a lot of states, and I’ve lived in a couple of states in these “united” states.  Now it seems there are many who want us to live in One Central State: The State of Fear. On NEWS sites:  “THEY” are coming!  (Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes, Immigrants, Terrorists, Sharks, Sharks with Guns. . .endless […]

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People of Good Faith

After a meeting on aging issues today, I was walking back to my car with a kindly Catholic Deacon friend.  He was particularly troubled by the fact that “There are still people who are homeless on our streets!”  He knows I used to be the street chaplain and knows I continue to work with “housing […]

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