“I Found a Book”

  Some religions begin with fairly common people discovering a book out in the wilds.  Moses gets stone tablets; Jesus gets a “gospel”; Muhammad gets something to recite (a “qur’an”); Joseph Smith gets something to read with big (invisible) spectacles. It all becomes quite predictable, doesn’t it?  “See what God gave me!”  “See what I found!” […]

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Interfaith or Outafaith?

Having “chaplained” for years in the interfaith circles, and continuing to have relationships–professional and personal–with the “interfaithians”. . .  I answered the phone spontaneously the other day: “Outafaith” That got a laugh. . .a surprised and supporting laugh. I think I’m onto something. What say you?

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Is Good God, or, God Good?

Wise words from the Roman Stoic Philosopher, Epictetus (1st Century): God is beneficent.  But the Good also is beneficent.  It should seem then that where the real nature of God is, there too is to be found the real nature of the Good.  What then is the real nature of God?–Intelligence, Knowledge, Right Reason.  Here […]

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Humanist Chaplain in “Ministry”

Bart Campolo, Humanist Chaplain at USC, came out as an agnostic to Tony, his famous Evangelical father. Now, he’s doing a new kind of “ministry” that builds on the idea that non-theists need community too. “[He] wants to create a humanist community that Christian people can celebrate — what he calls “a church for people […]

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Imams Pray at Auschwitz

Good to see that Muslim Leaders would go and pray there. Imams Pray at Auschwitz These efforts to understand and to create networks of compassion should be encouraging to anyone of faith, and without faith. Now, what do we all DO with the goodwill?

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