The Future of Faith

I just saw the following advertisement from my old alma mater seminary.  They are now offering: “Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising” I’ll leave that for you to mull over. Have a very “Good Friday”. . .in the beauty of Nature.

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Bird Season

On a short walk today, in this green season, my companions were ospreys, swans, egrets, ducks, red-wing blackbirds, hawks, turkey vultures and many more wing-things I can’t name.  The Beauty of the Secular Sanctuary is astoundingly delightful.  

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Heaven or Hope?

I may have made a mistake today.  I took a walk with a gentle young man who used to live on the streets of this town.  He knew me back in my Street Chaplaincy years.  He has a small, cluttered apartment now, where he spends a lot of time alone.  Since I like him and […]

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