One of my favorite images from an autumn walk along the lake shore a few years back. I fell to my knees, not to worship or pray, not to praise other beings in other worlds.  Simply to see the light and shadow, the color and pure beauty. . .and gently snap the photo. Sometimes great, […]

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What is that Light?

I had to comment on this WA POST article “I Lost My Faith In God.  Then I Found It.  Now It’s Complicated” The author says he became an atheist. . .yet seems not to understand non-believers very well. As a former minister and chaplain I would say he had a “crisis of faith” and then […]

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Beauty and Beasts

These are truly some beautiful images of this year’s Eid al-Adha Festival at the end of the Hajj pilgrimage: Eid celebrations around the world (Aljazeera) We can appreciate the cultures, the sense of community, the smiles. One gift of Religion is the potential for unity, cooperation and better understanding. Unfortunately, we’re also reminded that Eid […]

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