Beauty Beyond the Gods

NASA launched the Cassini spacecraft in 1997.  It’s been orbiting Saturn since 2004.  Now we have amazing closeup photos of the rings. . .only 746 million miles away. “The second largest planet in our solar system, adorned with thousands of beautiful ringlets, Saturn is unique among the planets. It is not the only planet to […]

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And Jesus said, “Build a wall”?

Now that the American government is ruled by Jesus’ own smiling, smug and self-righteous saints, who are intent on dividing our world into the ancient Children of Light versus the Children of Darkness, let’s work together–faith or no faith–to defend the critical wall between Religion and State. . .a time-tested barrier that protects all of […]

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Should the Bible Be Banned?

I’m completely against the banning of books.  Free thought and free speech are “secular sacreds” for me. However. . .If ANY books are banned, or we are greatly discouraged from reading them, maybe the Bible should be at the top of the list. (I’ve also been thinking of this after watching President Trumpery “swear” on […]

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Nature Makes Nations Great

My friend Thomas lives in Ethiopia.  He sends me photos now and then of that beautiful African country.  When my wife and I recently watched the film “Lamb,” filmed in Ethiopia with indigenous actors, we thought of Thomas.  The landscape was incredible; the struggle of the people living close to the land was an education. […]

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