The Comedy of Truth

Leave it to Stephen (Colbert). A Father’s Day Message Reminding our smug Preacher Politicians who use God to justify separating families they really ought to read (and think) a little more. Thank Goodness for our “Court Jesters” who can speak the truth while making us laugh (while we cry). Advertisements

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United States of Almighty

We’re beginning to see what a Christian Country would look like. If you’ve ever asked yourself what a Nation Under God really is, be awake and alert to what’s happening from the Whiter-than-ever White House to legislatures across the land. What would Jesus’ own America look like? Start here: VP Pence just spoke¬†before 10,000 pastors […]

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When Science becomes “Spirituality”

You can be the most brilliant philosopher or scientist in the world, but it’s still easy to fall into childlike thinking. ¬†We default to “spiritual” or religious language because it’s the only language we’ve ever been taught to describe these feelings. This physicist had an experience of. . .well, I’ll let him tell it: “And […]

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