The Little Girl Who Believes

We were hiking on a trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains and a cute little girl in a colorful skirt bounced by with her family.  I smiled at her sweet pink t-shirt.  It said, “I Believe,” with a picture of a Unicorn. Amusing.  Cute.  Adorable.  Such childlike imagination. When I got home I collected as many […]

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Till the Lesson be Learned

Cogitating once again on these wise words from Margaret Fuller: “All around us lies what we neither understand nor use.  Our capacities, our instincts for this our present sphere are but half developed.  Let us confine ourselves to that till the lesson be learned; let us be completely natural; before we trouble ourselves with the […]

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The Big Green Box

The Big Green Box (graphic) I’m not sure, but this handy little graphic may assist conversations with Supernaturalists.    The Big Green Box is the Universe, Nature, Everything, the ALL. Some say there is “God” or “Spirit” or Something OUTSIDE the Big Green Box (Creator/Creation view–dualistic). Others say that “God” or “Spirit” is embedded, permeating the […]

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Nature’s Procession

  Naturalist John Burroughs wrote, “The student and lover of Nature has only to stay at home and see the procession pass.” ~Signs and Seasons (1904) As I was making my list of the Procession passing my door this morning, my wife called me out to see a new neighbor:  the box turtle.  S/he posed […]

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