Answering a Child’s Question

Former Street Child Asks the Pope Why God Lets Children Suffer I admire much of what the Catholic Papa tells his faithful.  I think his best response to this girl’s question was to hug her.  A very pastoral (and basically human) thing to do.  He also  responded, quite honestly I think, : “She is the […]

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The Sharp Edges of Secularism

I find this a powerful statement on what it really means to live in a Secular society.  Thank GOOD for free countries with free expression. Charlie Hebdo Editorial (warning:  something in this may offend you!) And Happy Religious Freedom Day!  Yes, Seculars celebrate that. From the Secular Coalition for America: Today we celebrate Religious Freedom […]

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Welcome to the Chaplain’s Office

As you can read on Christmas Baby, I was born on December 25th and have a long standing (long climbing) tradition of climbing a tree on or near my Solstice-time birthday. It’s good for the body and mind, risky and exhilarating, enlivening. And it simply feels great to begin each year with a “higher perspective,” […]

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Le Blaspheme

“Blasphemy”: the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk “Sacrilege”:  from a “stealer of sacred things.” I’ve worked for interfaith understanding for many years.  I respect people of various faiths and can work beside them usually without any problem.  If someone said to me, “It hurts me when you show […]

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