Forest Beyond Faith

There’s something about Religion that likes to cut down whole forests to show faith (think of holy books, crosses, icons, churches, theological libraries and other distractive attractions).  I suppose for some it’s ok to destroy the natural world because they believe the Super-natural world is better.

Those of us who leave faith discover much more “abundant life”  in the beauty of living woods.

Warming Up

Big Creek. Smoky Mountains

In the cold of Winter. . .images like this may help.

And it looks like people are “warming” to both Non-Believers and Muslims according to a new survey by Pew Research.

“Muslims and atheists — who have long been targets of prejudice in the United States — received substantially warmer ratings on the scale than they did in a survey in 2014: Muslims rose to 48 percent from 40, and atheists to 50 percent from 41.”

And this may be the main take-a-way:

“But in every case, people felt more warmly toward religious groups when they personally knew someone in that group. Compared with 2014, the percentage of Americans who said they personally knew a Muslim had increased to 45 from 38, the highest increase in personal contact for any religious group.”