Do Rules Apply for Religion?

This seems to be appearing more in the news.  People of Faith claiming they don’t need to follow the rules, any rules, since they follow “higher laws.” In schools, courtrooms, public squares, sporting events. . . Is this trivial? NFL Muslim Player penalized for praying after touchdown Double standard!  Religious Freedom!  People get SO upset. […]

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Climate Change Evangelist

from Upworthy, this video by an Evangelical Scientist (yes, they exist), is quite good: Climate Change Evangelist (Katherine Hayhoe) Kind of underlines what I often say: Does it really matter what the BELIEFS are, as long as people can Work Together to find Common Solutions?

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Doubt as a Sign of Faith

or is it:  Faith as a Sign of Doubt? (see Julia Baird’s NYT article) This article, and some of the comments, leave me. . .with less doubt about faith. Faith seems to often lead to Doubt, quite naturally. Doubting the world as we see it, know it, experience it. Doubting education, science and investigation into […]

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Banned from the Body of Christ

Whenever Pious Preachers claim their “authority” to stand between their God and the Rest of Us. . .things get ugly: Priest keeps the Body and Blood from Gay Members of the Church In Montana, a gay couple who have been together for more than three decades have been told that they’re no longer really welcome […]

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Praying to Be Seen

Cheerleaders for God are all over our world. So that means. . .We all get to hear their Prayers! These Cheerleaders at a High School in Tennessee have rallied their town of Christians (there are apparently No Other Faiths and No Unbelievers around).  Now the Pre-Game Show is the Prayer Circle, brought to YOU by: […]

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