Songs in the Key of Nature

Now and then I’m asked to lead a gathering–usually progressive thinkers open to some wild freethinking.  Sometimes I’ll write a song to stir up some singing.  Here are a few pieces I patched together related to Earth Day gatherings  (and yes, I often “borrow” a familiar tune and mangle. . .or improve. . .the words). […]

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Scientists Interfere with the Church

This is a classic turntable.  The Church interferes in scientific and medical matters. . .so, Science returns the favor! Scientists Interfere with the Church (The Guardian) one group of emboldened scientists has decided to go further and pledge to respond in kind by interfering as much as possible with religious matters. This is great: Another objection […]

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Oscar Romero a Martyr?

Pope Approves Martyrdom Declaration for Oscar Romero Pope Francis decreed Tuesday that slain Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero was killed in 1980 out of hatred for his Catholic faith, approving a martyrdom declaration that sets the stage for his beatification. I drive by a church each week that is named for a Catholic martyr, someone who […]

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Faith in a Secular World

I admire conservative commentator David Brooks for his frequent wanderings into the gray areas between faith issues and psychology, sociology, politics and the humanities.  In this new piece in the Times (“Building Better Secularists”) he tries to give a brief nod to the essence of secularism but then falls right back into the neo-conservative pew […]

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