Einstein’s Prayer

Seriously, I’m a little tired of people of faith or no faith pulling quotes out of historical hats to make a point. . .and, Einstein, like just about any other thinker from the past, can be USED by any side of any debate on any subject. Yet, there is a certain charm and simplicity in […]

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Falun for Faith

I’m not interested in mocking or ridiculing people of faith, but I will and I do question the ridiculous.  As a Chaplain-by-Nature I come across 100s of odd beliefs and though I’m never shocked, I’m often amazed at the gullibility of people, and the amazing ability some have to manipulate vulnerable “followers.”  My amazement leads […]

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Bible Minded

For those of us who had our brains bible-washed over the years. . . Most Bible-Minded Cities (NPR) Disturbing to think how many, in so many cities, are distracted by ancient texts. Now, for some Real “Good News”. . . One of my favorite “Natural Chaplains” is John Muir (alongside Walt Whitman, John Burroughs, Thoreau. […]

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National Parks. . .Rational Parks

I posted this on the “Devotions” Page a while back.  Now that I’m teaching another course on the “Wild Spirituality” of Muir and Burroughs, I’ll be referring to this again.  This time with the added wisdom of Emerson: “The foregoing generations beheld God and nature face to face; we, through their eyes.  Why should not […]

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Charismatic Chaplaincy

Charism in Greek means “gift.”  (charis:  “favor or grace”).  The grace “gifts” or free, favorable “fruits” of the Spirit. I was a part of the charismatic movement years ago and still remember the power of that “direct relationship” with the “Comforter,” the Dove of Peace, the Holy Spirit.  The God of the Universe speaking right […]

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I’ve heard David Brooks speak and I regularly listen to him on the PBS Newshour and read his column in the New York Times.  He’s a very impressive, thoughtful, moderate Conservative.  And I realize there are Neo-Cons who criticize him for reasonably discussing issues with the dreaded Libs.  I don’t agree with everything he says […]

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