Joy of the Wild

A few more shots from the journey to the highcountry.  Massive fires came through last summer, and now, heavy snow.  Always seeking the “heretic” paths–choosing the “unorthodox” way.  The natural adventure is always calling. . .

{Photos by the Jolly Heretic}


Sheltered in the old cabin high in the mountains for another short Winter’s week, my brother and I climbed around the mossy boulders and glacier-ground cairns of stone, touched the massive bark arms of time-worn trees and crisscrossed icy burns and rivers.  We were delightfully dowsed in sun, soil, snow and stream.

After putting my hand in the chilled mountain waters a few times, hearing and feeling the power of snowswirling winds and standing under the nightshow of countless stars, I paused for the Great Gospel of the Mountains:  All is a Stream.  All of it.  All that.  All this. All of us.  Me.  You.  All.

Streams of clouds drop streams of rain and snow blown by streams of wind and strike the land to become streams of water moving, bubbling down and down through forest and canyon, falling in streaming light.

Streams of cells and sap and fiber root and crown the streams of bark-clothed streaming beings we call trees.

Streams of birds and insects, fish and invisibles circle and cycle in endless movement.

Streams of air are drawn into our cave-like openings to stream along the branches of lungs to energize the streams of blood that we streamdwellers call Life and Living.

We do dwell in streams.  We are streams.  Living Rivers in a Universal River.

One stream filled with endless streams.

Nature is Stream.

Same Earth

For a class I’m teaching, I posted these two photos I took from the East and West Coasts of America.  It seems hard for people to remember:  ideas can wash onto our mental shores from different directions.  Yet, it’s one land.  And, water is water.  We have more in common than we realize.

And, of course, those waters touch many lands, many people, and give life to the whole planet, our only home.

Something to think about, as we enjoy the beauty of Nature, open and free for all.

Same Sea

Requa2005 018 copy
Star and Crab (Highland, 2008)

I still stare at this image I took a few years ago.  Two very different creatures, sharing the same stones, the same shore, the same sea.

I suppose there’s a “lesson or message” there. . .

Or, maybe it’s just for a smile and another scene of simple and simply incredible beauty.

A Lifetime of Wonder. . .

Through the Redwood Doorway (Highland, 2016)

Weeding through old papers (and shredding old journals) I found this scribble on a page, written in my one-room forest cabin on the island in 2006:

We, inflated bags of water and air as we are, have inflated our own importance on the planet (let alone the solar system, the universe).

We are a blip, a drip, on the evolutionary screen and stream.

What if the deity is actually a spider, a bumblebee, tree or the water itself–fully natural, completely Nature, completing Nature–a complete whole, organic, alive, undying, eternal–Nature?

If we need a god, why not an atom?

Our largeness, our gross, deceives us.

Yet, we are primarily H2O and bacteria. . .