Chaplains are Not Missionaries

This is becoming a regular “ministry” for me. . .explaining to preachers, missionaries and their champions that the role of a Chaplain is NOT to preach and convert their flock in their own “missionfield” to grow the “kingdom of God.” Here’s one comment I left on a blog touting the “heroic” service of a Marine […]

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When Religion Can Work

Over 11,000 people have died from Ebola in West Africa.  In Sierra Leone, Muslims and Christians are working together to educate people. As I saw during my long experience as an Inter-religious Chaplain, interfaith cooperation can be a step in the right direction–toward an understanding that the common ground is our humanity, not religion. A […]

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Thank God it was Them and Not Me!

Drama in (Un-Real) Life. . . A devout lady gave me a copy of the Reader’s Digest (haven’t read that for years).  Still some amusing stories and cartoons.  And then this caught my (baloney detecting) eye: “A Guiding Hand”. . .a lady in Colorado leaves for work when “a firm hand restrained my right shoulder […]

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