After School Satan Club!

How would you feel if the Good News Club (Child Evangelism Fellowship) was bringing its Jesus message into your child’s school?  Well, this group is in thousands of schools–maybe more than 5%.  This is legal. . .right now. . .but it’s opened the door for other religious groups to reach our kids.  Seems fair, right? […]

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Another (almost) Secular Sermon

The Rev. William Barber, President of the NAACP in my (new) state of North Carolina, gave an amazing speech at the Democratic Convention.  As Hemant says, even an atheist could say Amen! Reviving the Heart of Our Democracy “When we love the Jewish child and the Palestinian child, the Muslim and the Christian and the […]

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Secular Sermon?

Well, the adults are in the room so listen up.  Obama gave an amazing, uplifting, maybe even inspiring message last night at the DNC.  I’ve always been proud that he is the President and honestly I’m a bit sad he’ll be out of the Formerly-Just-for-Whites House.  Yet, if rational adults are present in the room, […]

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A Secular in the Sanctuary

So, I went to church today. . . Yes, you read that correctly. I attended the family church, to show respect (my father-in-law’s ashes rest in the garden there) and to see how the church has changed.  Well, I have to say, I saw very little change from years past.  Still mostly elderly folks–all good […]

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Bridges not Walls

I watched a few hours of the Repub Convention last week.  The Preacher Politicians loved their National and nationistic Pulpits.  Really awful to watch, especially for a secular American.  The message was very clear:  Jesus is calling the Republicans to make the nation Heaven again. . .and Hell for everyone else in the (devil-loving) world. […]

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