Who’s Afraid of Isis?

Isis-Aphrodite (Met) Isis-Aphrodite is a form of the great goddess Isis that emphasizes the fertility aspects associated with Aphrodite. She was concerned with marriage and childbirth and, following very ancient pharaonic prototypes, also with rebirth. Elaborate accessories, including an exaggerated calathos (the crown of Egyptian Greco-Roman divinities) emblazoned with a tiny disk and horns of Isis, […]

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Prayer or Silence?

I wonder if most religious folks really understand what they’re doing when they pray.  When I was praying, I’m not sure I really knew why. Here’s my comment on this Saturday Evening Post article, The Power of Prayer. This article starts and ends in silence, and that’s good. Silence is, of course, not “prayer.” As […]

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True Believers

“Give me your tired, your poor, your homeless. . .AFTER they’ve been screened and vetted by Homeland Security, THEN they can come in to be hounded, harassed and treated with suspicion (and we really prefer Christians).” -words on the Statue of Liberty (as read by Re-Publicans) Many Muslims are speaking up to condemn terrorist attacks […]

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Walt Whitman Died for You

Well, of course, he didn’t, but maybe he left his own “saving gospel.” “Good in all, In the satisfaction and aplomb of animals, In the annual return of the seasons, In the hilarity of youth, In the strength and flush of manhood [personhood], In the grandeur and exquisiteness of old age, In the superb vistas […]

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