Dangerous Words, Dangerous Ideas

It’s happened again.  Another freethinker, freespeaker, has been killed for . . .thinking and speaking. Faisal Dipan (BBC) Cut down by the sharp blade of supernatural belief. Why is it that “believers” and “followers” are so afraid of words and ideas? How is it possible for people who say, “I believe in a God of […]

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Why I Support the Satanic Temple (and You Should Too–after You Faint)

Alright, calm down.  I’ll make this quick and painless (maybe). In many places where Fundagelicals and Evangementals (fun wordplay here) are having lots of fun dropping Ten Commandment monuments or Massive Crosses on public property and trying their damnedest blessedest to get our kids, courts and congress people to pray and pray and pray (to […]

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New Film on Chaplains

My wife just returned from the World Parliament of Religions in Salt Lake City.  The trailer for a new film on Chaplains was screened.  It looks like a fairly broad and interfaith presentation, though Secular/Humanist chaplains don’t seem to be included (or Pagans or Hindus for that matter). As I watch the film I’ll be […]

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A Dis-arming Question

I really hate pissing off people with guns (esp since I once owned some). So, I offer this flower-in-the-barrel for peace. No one wants Mentally Impaired Persons to have weapons, right? Even most gun-owners seem to agree with that.  Common sense, of course. So here’s my (disarming) question: If someone is living with so much […]

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