Damn My Secular Soul

The Wrestling Match for Reason, God, Opinions. . .  The Secular/Spiritual merry-go-round can be a dizzying carousel sometimes. Comment becomes a little conversation with potential for dialogue and meaningful debate. Or not. Engaging believers CAN be productive and interesting. And sometimes the opposite.  There’s just no hope.  The following exchange between Chaplains may sound familiar […]

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Lifting the Veil

Lifting the veil of religion, of faith, is. . .revealing (re-veiling?). I don’t have a big problem with women wearing veils/hijabs or nijabs IF that’s their choice (some problem, but not very big). However. . .this really makes me angry:  “Somali Woman Killed for not wearing Veil” (BBC)  When insane murderers hide behind their own […]

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In the Name of Humanity

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for the end to the War in Gaza. I find his strong and well-chosen words quite startling: “In the name of humanity, the violence must stop.” With so many Wars of Religion continuing to fracture our world with fear-based faith, where we so often hear either calls […]

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Otherworldly Thinking

The story goes that on his deathbed Henry Thoreau was asked by a minister if he could see the “other side” yet (always a nice question for someone who’s dying, don’t you think?).  Purportedly the 44 year old Henry answered, “One world at a time.” I have no interest in other worlds in the sky. […]

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“Reverend Atheist”

What?  Oh, of course! Rev. Atheist, like Rev. Humanist and Rev. Freethinker. Why Not? We hear a number of agitated faithful ask, “How can you be an Atheist/Humanist/Freethinker and be a Chaplain, or call yourself a Clergyperson?  You can’t DO that?” Here is my abbreviated reply: 1)  Actually, I can and I do. 2)  Though […]

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When Faith Gets it Right

I continue to be in relationship with many people of faith.  Some are a little too much caught in “church business,” but many are out doing many good works in the community which benefits all of us, spiritual or secular. I’m the first one to commend ANY group, faith or no faith, that seems (in […]

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