When Faith Gets it Right

child and flag

I continue to be in relationship with many people of faith.  Some are a little too much caught in “church business,” but many are out doing many good works in the community which benefits all of us, spiritual or secular.

I’m the first one to commend ANY group, faith or no faith, that seems (in my opinion) to be on the Side of Justice, Compassion and Common Sense.  I freely admit that I “caught that spirit” way back in seminary and liberal biblical studies that centered on action rather than preaching.  And 30 years of chaplaincy put me in daily contact with those on all sides of these debates.

Today I read this very hopeful example of what happens when Faith Works:  “U.S. Religious Leaders Embrace Cause of Immigrant Children”.  You could also say it shows that Compassion Works or Good Work Works!

To see Catholics, Prots, Jews, Unitarians, Quakers and Others forming coalitions to speak out for the most vulnerable human beings deserves praise and support from the Secular Community.

As a Freethinking Secular, I’m always pleased to see and hear when the Face of the Faith Community is kind, reasonable and charged up for a good cause.

Open, Humanitarian action is something to be supported and joined. . .

In this case, on behalf of children, regardless of sides, borders, skin color or beliefs.



2 thoughts on “When Faith Gets it Right

  1. I’m thinking of those photos of Catholics coming out to support Pride and apologise for the role of their organisations in oppression. Makes me smile every time.

    1. Changing minds and culture. . .a very slow process with some moments of grateful smiles. I’m meeting with a small group of Catholic workers next week who want to discuss sheltering people without housing. I smile too sometimes.

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