Otherworldly Thinking


The story goes that on his deathbed Henry Thoreau was asked by a minister if he could see the “other side” yet (always a nice question for someone who’s dying, don’t you think?).  Purportedly the 44 year old Henry answered, “One world at a time.”

I have no interest in other worlds in the sky. . .except the supernatural-free worlds.

The stars and planets, the solar systems and galaxies and beyond. . .are fascinating to the imagination and inspiring to exploration.

And, of course, for all inhabitants of the homeplanet, the MOON is a globe of reflected beauty-light for everyone in every nation to enjoy.

A few years ago, I proposed a Moon Wilderness Park.  A crazy, lunatic idea.  But a concept that someone like John Muir, and maybe Henry Thoreau, would support.  I think they might howl alongside those of us who want to protect wild areas. . .even in the sky!

Now that we just honored the 45th anniversary of the first steps on the moon (“for all mankind”), we learn that the original plan for the moon was to Build an American Military Base and maybe even explode a nuclear weapon on the moon!  Incredible.  Now THAT’S lunacy!

The United Nations had a Better Idea.

Here’s something just posted on Moon Park.

I would value your comments. 


2 thoughts on “Otherworldly Thinking

  1. Thank you for liking my blog, that means a lot to me at this precarious moment in my life. I love your prose and content, how perceptive! “In the name of humanity” that is quite refreshing! I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂

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