Bad Apples of Faith

We learn as children that “one bad apple can ruin the bunch.” This is true for faith as well. It’s upsetting to see people who say they “Know God” making it their self-appointed mission to whine, pass legislation or even do violence to others.  One spoiled “religious nut” can spoil the whole bowl. . .or […]

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Prayer vs. Guns: Who Wins?

It’s clear that prayer is helpful to millions.  People feel comforted in the belief that Someone hears them and cares about them.  I would not try to take prayer away from those who need it. But I’m troubled about something, so, if you pray, maybe you can explain. Every time there’s a tragedy, for instance, […]

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I’ve been known to “pet” these little buzzers.  They’re so busy with business they never seem to notice how close I am.  Buzzing Beauty on the Blooming Rhododendrons.

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