Let’s End Invocations

This is getting very tiring.  It happens all across the “land of the free.” This shouldn’t be happening in a Secular Nation with a Secular Constitution that guarantees freedom of religion–No, not just for certain kinds of Christians–but freedom to choose to believe in any god, or not. Invocational prayers, or prayers of any kind, are […]

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In Common Sense We Trust

Another great moment from Friendly Atheist: Minnesota Senator John Marty, who believes in God, schools his colleagues why the “motto” “In God We Trust” shouldn’t be plastered all over money, schools, etc. Marty Speech Excellent, and I wrote to thank him for his voice of common sense and reason. We need much, much more of this.

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Seculars: Time to Pray!

If you saw or heard the “National Day of Prayer Show” at the White Church House this week. . .well, I’m sorry.  Sorry we had to see that, and sorry for the nation. The message:  Americans Pray.  True Americans, Real Americans, are People of Faith. We noticed the first one to pray was a woman […]

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