Prayer vs. Guns: Who Wins?

prayers and schoolchildren

It’s clear that prayer is helpful to millions.  People feel comforted in the belief that Someone hears them and cares about them.  I would not try to take prayer away from those who need it.

But I’m troubled about something, so, if you pray, maybe you can explain.

Every time there’s a tragedy, for instance, yet another totally predictable school shooting, people call for prayer and crowds pray.  The violence is no surprise to anyone, and neither is the impulse to pray.

Yet, it also should be no surprise that “leaders” do nothing and, apparently, neither does God.

Except perhaps:  “comfort.”

But is it comforting to know, to be 100% sure, that prayer will not (cannot?) stop the next shooting?  Does it make people feel better knowing that because there is no substantial action on the part of Government or God to stop the cycles of violence, prayers are ineffective?

It seems to me that prayer is not as powerful as a gun.

Prayer seems to lose every time.

btw, I have a developing theory about guns and mental instability.  With 300 million guns in the U.S., and a large percentage of gun owners are gun-lovers who resist reasonable laws, it stands to reason that an irrational person who owns a weapon is mentally unstable, which begs the question:  should they have a gun?


4 thoughts on “Prayer vs. Guns: Who Wins?

  1. “It seems to me that prayer is not as powerful as a gun.”…………. on the same token, guns are not as powerful as the intentions of the human holding it. I agree with you, I do not hold a lot of stock in prayer unless it also includes taking action.

    Great post! 😉

  2. I can never understand the notion of praying for help from the very individual who allowed it to happen while watching and doing nothing. An all powerful creator either would step in and not allow bad things to happen or wouldn’t have created the situation in the first place; the creator, if there is one, therefore must be either flawed or with bad/indifferent intentions.

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