Let’s End Invocations

Cartoon-Forcing Beliefs

This is getting very tiring.  It happens all across the “land of the free.”

This shouldn’t be happening in a Secular Nation with a Secular Constitution that guarantees freedom of religion–No, not just for certain kinds of Christians–but freedom to choose to believe in any god, or not.

Invocational prayers, or prayers of any kind, are fine in churches and fine in private.  People can invoke their God or gods all they wish.  But other citizens shouldn’t have to hear them and public institutions don’t need prayers (at least spoken prayers).

So I humbly suggest we end this exclusive practice by the privileged and pious.

Florida City only allows Christian Invocations

Keep our secular institutions “self-righteous-prayer-free.”

btw, to “invoke” is to call upon a deity to do something.

Question:  Does your God need You to ask Him to do something before your God does what He should be doing anyway?



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