“Chant the Beauty of the Good”

Emerson is over-quoted and often mis-quoted. Yet, after 150-odd years, the old Sage of Concord continues to offer some wisdom for both seculars and spirituals. I found this little gem while preparing to teach a college course that begins next week.  I actually needed to read and reflect on this. “Do not waste yourself in […]

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The End of Evil

I was waiting for someone to write an articulate piece on this subject of EVIL. Having worked with a number of people over the years, especially while a Jail Chaplain, people who were thought of or written of as “evil” or “monsters,” I welcome the discussion about this “spiritualizing” or “mythologizing” judgement toward people (I […]

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Thoughtfulness and Thoughtlessness

Trying to put my brain finger on the Biggest Problem in our Communities. Most of what I see comes back to a (creative?) tension between Thoughtfulness and Thoughtlessness Do you find the same? What do You feel is the “Biggest Problem” facing your community/nation/world? Of course, probably a harder question to ask ourselves is:  What […]

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Christian Persecution

A hot and hotter topic in our world these hot days of summer:  Religious Persecution As a former Christian, and strong current supporter of a Secular Nation that protects Religious Freedom, I mostly see and hear Christians crying out they are being persecuted (often fueled by FAUX Gnus). I have two meanings in mind:  Christians […]

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Giving Space

We all need it, but have a hard time giving it:  Space. I was rear-ended the other day driving through town on my way to work.  I could almost see it coming.  People pushing, not wanting others to move into “their” lane when construction closed a lane.  And, of course, naturally, EVERYONE is in a […]

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Homeless Procession of One

15 years ago, when I was a Street Chaplain in the wealthiest county in America (pause and let that sink in for a second), I had a plaque made for a stone memorial.  The stone was placed under a Japanese maple from Green Gulch Zen farm we wheelbarrowed through town and planted in front of […]

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Secular Chaplain Books

I keep stumbling on more responses and reviews for my books. {It still amazes me that I scribbled out a dozen books in a dozen years!} I love hearing from readers of my “nature meditation” series beginning with Meditations of John Muir, those who’ve wandered through my 70 Chaplain stories, My Address is a River, survived the […]

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